Make your wedding the talk of the toon with these top tips….

With years of experience in weddings, the Borland Ceilidh Band has seen it all … no seriously – we HAVE seen it all.. however, that is another post altogether… but has this experience taught us about how to create that special wedding? Well, good news .. here are our top tips on how to make YOUR wedding the talk of the toon….


Think Music Festival….




Whit? Why? Well this is actually important because the music that you play during the day will form the backbone of whether people enjoy themselves. If you pick your music badly then you put everyone on a downer, pick well and you have the wedding go-ers up for the wedding of the year!


So what does this really mean to me? Well… it’s actually simple….

  1. Make a list of all the times when people will be hanging around, say just after the ceremony, just before meals, during meals, first drinks, buffet and so on… Go through the day and make a list of them. Estimate how long each time should take and then DOUBLE that time.
  2. Get Spotify Premium for the month. This will set you back NOTHING as it gives you 30 days free. Remember to cancel it if you don’t want it afterwards. Don’t use the free version as it has adverts and nothing says cheap more than adverts at your wedding.
  3. Make a playlist for each of these hanging-about times that you’ve thought of. Think about how you want people to feel at that point and picture what you would want. Make a bizarre one when people are having their first drinks because it will get strangers talking and that will help break the ice. Ask your friends to collaborate on the playlists and you’ll quickly have playlists that everyone loves.
  4. Remember to save every playlist as OFFLINE. Why? Because a lot of wedding venues have terrible mobile phone reception or WIFI.
  5. Plan what you will be playing this on. Find an old ipod or something – not your own phone as you will be worrying about it’s whereabouts all day. Tell the best man that it’s his job to start and stop the correct playlist.
  6. Set the tracks to Crossfade to 12 seconds. This will fade the songs and give a more professional feel to the music.


By doing this you have already saved money because you now no longer have to spend money on a string quartet to play in the background. Let’s face it – your guests would much rather sing to Footloose!


Think of the children….


Anyone with children will tell you this – as soon as a parent receives a wedding invitation they immediately worry about their kids. It doesn’t matter whether they are absolute angels or spawn of the devil – every parent worries. Part of this is because it’s a long day for a kid and if they get bored then the wedding becomes an albatross round the necks of the parents. (We’ve all been there parents). So what to do?


If you really want to keep this wedding going then you need to make sure that all those parents are enjoying themselves. Simply employ someone that entertains kids. I ain’t talking creepy clown guy – that freaks EVERYONE! I’m talking someone who can tell stories, can make amazing balloon things, can facepaint (you know what – half the women will leave your wedding with their faces painted too I tell ye!)




Here’s a perfect example – the wonderful Facepaint Parties – take a look and you’ll see what I mean. For the price of this, you can ensure that you’ll not have half of your guests leaving at 9:30pm. Don’t spend thousands on your big day only to have them leave just as you’ve got your shoes aff.




Do yourself a favour .. don’t spend a fortune on favours because no-one actually really bothers with them.


Let’s just analyse this for a moment…


Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 11.14.21


This is a simple Google search for wedding favours – we have the usual confectionary which, lets face it, you wouldn’t purchase for yourself, and then you have the ‘rustic’ tat. This stuff either goes in the kitchen bin or remains on the wedding venue’s floor. For a wedding of say 150 guests you could easily spend a few hundred quid on this guff.


So what’s the alternative? I don’t want to look cheap…. Exactly … here’s how to half your favours bill and look AMAZING!


Bingo! yup you heard it ….. BINGO!!!


Think about it – you can buy bingo balls at a shop (or Amazon) for about £20. You could have two games – the first with a jackpot win of £50 and the second with a jackpot win of £100. Everyone (and I mean everyone) will LOVE that and guess what – you’ve actually saved a fortune! A freakin’ fortune!


Photos and Videos


You can ask your pals for photos and videos all you want but you’ll end up with about 10 rubbishy photos. We’ve all done it, we know it’s the truth…. however …. if you make a private Facebook Page and just invite the guests to it then ask them to upload their pictures and comments to it then everyone will get in on it and you’ll end up with an amazing page of memories for free.


Not only that – you can download the page from Facebook and keep it forever – all the best wishes and all the photos and videos – that’s got to be better than several duff blurred photos from your gran.


Food For Thought


How on earth can you save money at the table? Actually it’s quite easy…


There’s a little known fact (unless you are in a wedding band) that you are charged largely on the amount of time that you hire a band.


The price of a wedding band is essentially a fixed price plus extras however one of the extras is the extra time that they need to be there setting up. If you have the wedding band playing in the same room that you and your guests are eating then the band needs to wait until you are finished before they can set-up and sound check.


This will mean one of two options – either your guests need to hang about for an hour whilst the band gets ready or the band comes and sets up before you eat. The latter means that you need to pay the band for the entire afternoon – and that’s going to cost.


The solution? Simply eat in a different room or make sure that if you are in the same room that you have planned for that hour after the dinner so that guests are elsewhere. It will save you a potential fortune, honestly (sorry wedding bands).


Don’t make your guests uncomfortable


What? Why should I do that you ask.. well think about it – you have a wonderful day and then the evening comes. You’ve booked a ceilidh band and it this point you suddenly realise that most people don’t know the dances – they are therefore relying on some guy in the band waffling down an old microphone. Sure, you’re going to get a hardcore few that either know the dances or are way too wrecked to give a damn but for the rest? They all sit down and the night quickly loses steam.


So how do you fix that? Well, it’s actually beautifully simple – hire a ceilidh band with a full time dance instructor that stays on the dance-floor throughout the night. By doing this, you know that everyone knows what to do and if they get stuck, there’s someone there. It also means that you have someone that’s arranging the dances to suit your guests meaning that you can sit back and get happily wrecked with your bridesmaids. After all – you’ve paid for the band, why should you have to worry about the evening?



These top tips were brought to you courtesy of the Borland Ceilidh Band – the only band with a full time dance caller who remains on the floor throughout the night.


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